How much do we charge?


All years up to and including GCSE Y10 & Y11, IB MIddle Years                      

                                                                              One student            Two students         Three students

Charge per hour from                                                £45                         £50                         £57

Each parent pays                                                         £45                         £25                        £19


A Level Y12 & 13, IB Diploma                           One student           Two students           Three students

Charge per hour from                                                £50                        £56                         £63

Each parent pays                                                         £50                        £28                        £21


We offer lessons to one, two or three students at once – more than three in a lesson doesn’t work online. Every student can join in the lesson from their own home. Our tutors will only teach students who: follow the same course and exam board;and have similar abilities and positive attitudes to learning. We ask one parent to take care of the administration and payments for the group.

How do you pay?

Your first tutorial is a trial. If you don’t like the tutor, or working online, you don’t pay anything. If you choose to continue, you will be charged for this first tutorial.

We ask all our clients to pay for each batch of four tutorials in advance, preferably by bank transfer If you pay by credit card there is a 2.5% service charge on top. Overseas clients without a UK account should use credit cards as international transfer charges can be very expensive.

What are our Terms of Service?

Please have a look at our “Learning Agreement” We hope you find this fair and clear, but please let us know if you have comments or questions.

Our Learning Agreement

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