John Robinson

Primary Subjects Offered: English Literature & Language

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Teaching & Tutoring Experience

I taught in independent and state schools for 20 years in various roles up to Head of English, also in educational services specialising in the support of under-achieving students. I switched to full-time individual tuition in 2011, more recently including online tuition. I am an examiner for A Level English Literature.


Keen interest in personal development – my students’, my children’s and my own – and belief in education as intrinsically worthwhile.
Physical and mental fitness (yoga, Pilates, swimming)
Prolific and eclectic reading
Photography and digital editing

Educational History

  • MA English Language and Literature, U of Oxford
  • BA English Language and Lierature, U of Oxford
  • PGCE, U of Oxford
  • QTS, DfE
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John Robinson English
“ Dear John, I have completed all my GCSE English exams, which gives me tremendous pleasure to thank you for all your support which has guided me through these last few weeks. Overall, I have enjoyed each paper and have been confident throughout. I am looking forward to informing you of my success later in August and wish to take this time briefly to say thank you again for bringing back my confidence in English Language and Literature. ”

Oliver M

“ We have been extremely fortunate to have had help from John Robinson in tutoring two of our sons in English over the last four years (about to start with the third) for GCSE English Language and Literature. Both of them have found themselves in English classes dominated by girls and at various stages have lost confidence in their ability to do well at English. John has been able to support and inspire them to excel at English gaining 3A* and an A at GCSE between them. He has been completely reliable in setting work, marking it and providing valuable feedback. ”

Karen L

“ John is a very thorough and organised Tutor who has provided our son with useful resources. He is flexible, encouraging and has built our son's confidence so that he believes in his own ability. John goes the extra mile in Tutoring. ”

Andrew O'T

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